Jiu Jitsu Apps: The Ultimate Training Companion For Kids

The Ultimate Training Companion For Kids

Jiu Jitsu is an excellent martial art that promotes fitness, self-defence skills, and discipline among children. However, finding time for regular training sessions can be challenging for parents and kids alike. Fortunately, technology has allowed children to continue training even outside the dojo through Jiu Jitsu apps.

Learning jiu jitsu gives kids not only physical benefits but also mental, emotional, and social skills that will last a lifetime. With the help of apps, you can now find the best jiu jitsu training for kids in your area.

Convenient Access to Instructional Videos

One of the primary benefits of Jiu Jitsu apps is that they provide convenient access to instructional videos that children can use to improve their techniques. Experts often create these videos that can be viewed repeatedly, allowing kids to learn at their own pace.

Gamification of Learning

Another benefit of Jiu Jitsu apps is that they often incorporate gamification elements, making learning more engaging and enjoyable. For example, apps may offer badges, rewards, and challenges that motivate kids to keep practicing and learning new skills.

Personalized Training Programs

Jiu Jitsu apps also offer personalized training programs that cater to individual needs and goals. By keeping track of progress, apps can make personalized training plans that focus on specific weaknesses and ways to improve.

best jiu jitsu training for kids

Community Building

Some Jiu Jitsu apps also offer community features that allow kids to connect with other young practitioners. These features can include chat rooms, forums, and social media integration, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie among young Jiu Jitsu enthusiasts.

Portability and Flexibility

Finally, Jiu Jitsu apps offer the flexibility and portability that traditional training sessions may lack. Children can practice their moves anywhere and anytime, using their smartphones or tablets as training companions.

Top-Rated Jiu Jitsu Schools for Kids

Finding the best jiu jitsu schools for kids can be daunting, but with the help of mobile apps, it has become much easier. Here are some of the top-rated jiu jitsu schools for kids:

  1. Gracie Barra: This is one of the most renowned jiu jitsu schools for kids in the world. It offers a range of classes, including self-defence, competition, and family classes.
  2. 10th Planet Poway: One of the top academies in the USA, 10th Planet offers group and private classes for kids.
  3. Team Randori: Located in Texas, this academy is known for its high-quality instruction and safe environment for kids to learn jiu jitsu.
  4. Art of Jiu Jitsu: This school has been around since 1999 and offers a variety of classes for kids of all ages and levels.
  5. Unity Jiu Jitsu: This academy is based in New York and offers a variety of classes for children.

Final Thoughts

Jiu jitsu can provide kids many physical, mental, and social benefits. Apps make it easier for them to find the best jiu jitsu schools in their area so that they can learn this martial art in a safe and effective manner. With the help of these apps, kids can track their progress and set goals while receiving feedback from certified instructors. 10th Planet Poway is a great school for Jiu Jitsu. It offers classes for adults and kids, private instruction, and group classes. They are known for their unique jiu jitsu, which focuses on transition drills, flow drills, technique development, and positional sparring.


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