Does The Game Industry Still Release Games For Arcade Machines?

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Arcade games are nothing but nostalgia and excitement for the kids who used to play these games in the late 90s. The machines, the sounds, and the lights popping up were creating new excitement for the kids in those times. One was ready to bunk the school but was prepared to take advantage of arcade gaming time. Sometimes, saved pocket money or the money for school lunch was saved for weeks to play games with friends for a long time. The arcade machines Sydney were the best places for the kids to enjoy the best time in their life. However, technology advancements and the computer sector transferred to a new dimension as time progressed. The game industry made a lot of upgrades, and PS4 and other sorts of gaming styles took the place of arcade gaming.

arcade machines Sydney

What Is Arcade Gaming?

In the 80s to 90s, machines were found in malls, restaurants, amusement parks, and gaming centers. Those machines were used to store various games and operated using coins. The type of gaming included was mechanical, video, or pinball types of games. These types of machines were called arcade machines, and the games were called arcade gaming. The trend started in the early 1970s and continued till the late 90s. However, the advent of new technologies like PC games in the 21st century replaced the trend in the kids.

The Arcade Games:

The games were of short levels, and the difficulty levels were fun to play with kids. The game characters were rented as long as they were winning. The simple, exciting controls of machines enabled the kids to keep up with the difficulty level. Mobile games provide more excitement than arcades. Consoles did maintain the gist of arcade gaming through simple controls, short levels with difficulty, and gameplay-based but not content.

Exciting Features Of Arcade Gaming:

Anyone can easily understand using the machines’ controls as the games were developed like that. Just use the control play at your content.
The levels were short and hence were not time consuming and kept the excitement intact.
The difficulty levels were a bit complicated, but it was easy to obtain a high score.
All the characters had three lives; hence the kids could also make strategies to win the game.

Does The Game Developers Still Make Arcade Games?

Arcade machines are still available in the mall or gaming zones; however, only some are interested in playing those games. Kids nowadays prefer touchscreen better because they do not have the habit of using arcade controls. As mentioned above, PC or mobile console games are substituted for arcade machines, but nothing can beat the originals. Moreover, the consoles are costly, whereas some coins are enough to play many games. The fact is, arcade games did not go extinct, the people need to teach their kids the excitement the machines held. Although Japan has maintained the popularity of arcade machines, people still need to invest and strategize to market gaming properly.


Arcade machines are still around, as mentioned above. However, if proper utilization is not made, it will not be far when there isn’t a single gaming machine left for the kids to enjoy. Click Here to know more about technology, which will grow your business fast.

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