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What is SpyApps?

SpyApps is the application designed for parents who feel the need to monitor and manage their kids’ mobile device activities. The app allows looking through calls and messages, checking browser history and location of child’s phone and much more.

Is SpyApps legal to use?

SpyApps is entirely legal to be installed on the devices that belong to you or your underage children. Also, it can be used on other devices with the permission of their owner. Yet, it is absolutely illegal to use SpyApps software for spying on other people’s phones without their permission.

Does SpyApps run openly on the device?

The visibility of SpyApps depends on the solution you choose.

iCloud solution is not installed directly on the device. Thus, it works privately and doesn’t create an icon on the screen.

The Android and iOS solutions are installed on the mobile device and run openly. You kid will see the SpyApps icon on his phone, but he would not be able to change any settings or disable the app as it is protected by a PIN code.

Can I use SpyApps to monitor the device without the owner knowing it?

There is no stealth mode for SpyApps which means it works openly and can be seen by the device owner. We also remind you it is only legal to use SpyApps on your own devices or those belonging to your underage children. Yet, it is absolutely illegal to use SpyApps software for spying on other people’s phones without their permission.

Does SpyApps have location tracking feature?

Yes, you can use SpyApps for tracking your child’s location. It uses the GPS technology and spots your kid on the map for you. This feature would also help in case the phone is lost or stolen.

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How do I launch the tracking information?

As the SpyApps is installed to the target device, you will get access to the information from it through your personal Control Pannel. You can use the web interface or iOS/Android Control Panel app to check all the info you need.

Does the data stay in the Control Panel for good or I can remove it?

Monitoring data can be deleted from the Control Panel if needed. This can be done in the ‘Device Settings’ section by clicking ‘Unassign Device’. Thus, you will delete the access to all monitoring information.

Note: this action is not reversible. In case you lose the subscription you will not be able to use it any longer.

How can I block the incoming calls?

With SpyApps, you can block out specific phone numbers. To do so, you should add the phone number to a Block list found at Settings tab. As a result, during the call, such numbers will hear busy tones, and the target device will not get any notifications about the call.

Can I install/uninstall SpyApps remotely?

The option of remote installing/uninstalling is only available for iCloud solution of SpyApps. To install this version, you only need to know the login and password of iCloud storage to connect your Control Panel.

For the jailbroken iOS and rooted Android solutions, you will need to have the physical access to the device to install or uninstall the SpyApps.

How do I delete the SpyApps?

If you feel like stopping using SpyApps you should contact our Support Team – they will lead you through the process of deleting the app.

How many devices does one subscription cover?

One subscription is only available for one target device – this is the rule of the SpyApps usage. However, if you have the need to monitor several devices you can buy a subscription for each of them.

Are there any tracking limits?

If you choose to buy the Basic subscription, you will have to meet some limitations. The number of call and SMS that can be monitored per month would be cut to 700 and 300 respectively.

The Premium subscription though has no limits.

Which devices support SpyApps software?

SpyApps software is supported by vast majority of both iOS and Android devices. For more details check the Compatibility page or contact our Support team.

Do I have to jailbreak iOS?

For the full-features iOS solution – yes, a jailbreak is required. During the installation of SpyApps, you will get the links to third-party resources containing instructions for iOS jailbreak.

In case you don’t want to jailbreak the target device we suggest you use SpyApps iCloud solution. It does not require a jailbreak and physical access to the device. As to the functionality, it is somewhat limited compared to the iOS solution, but you will still have extensive monitoring to use. Note: iCloud solution is only available for Premium subscribers.

Does jailbreak void the warranty? Can I delete it to restore the warranty?

Yes, jailbreak voids the warranty of the device. But you can restore it when needed. To do so, update the iOS to the latest version or restore your phone to the factory settings. Keep in mind that the latter operation will remove SpyApps from the device.

Is jailbreak visible via iTunes and iCloud?

No, while connected to iTunes and iCloud jailbreak is not visible, and it will not affect the use of these services.


How can I root Android device?

During the installation of SpyApps, you will get the links to third-party resources containing instructions for Android rooting. You can also find the instructions on the rooting process yourself and achieve the same result.

Note: Android devices do not necessarily require rooting for SpyApps software installation. But the app’s functionality will be limited on non-rooted devices as the application will not get all the permissions.

Is SpyApps connected to SIM card or mobile carrier?

No, monitoring software is only connected to the device. So it’s work will not be interrupted if you change the SIM card.

How can I pay for the SpyApps application?

There are several methods of payment available for our users. They include Visa/Master Card, PayPal, Discover, and American Express. You can switch on automatic billing to never forget about the payday.

Do I have to use automatic billing?

No, you don’t, it is just a question of convenience. If you don’t feel like it, you can switch off the automatic billing option. This can be done through email or by contacting our Support team.

Is there a chance I can get a refund?

The refund is possible in some cases. To discuss it, you should contact our Support. Send an email with detailed explanation on why you would want to get a refund. Your request will be investigated as fast as possible, and Support will contact you to guide you through the uninstallation process.

Should the monitored device be connected to the Internet?

SpyApps software is capable of gathering all the phone information even without the Internet connection. Yet, for the data transition to Control Panel, the phone needs to be connected to the Internet – Wi-Fi for multimedia files and 3G for all other information.

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