Superior Monitoring – Absolute Safety

Keep your family and kids safe by monitoring their phones with SpyApps


Family above All

Protect your kids from online and offline dangers. Ensure safe and secure Internet surfing, block inappropriate websites. Track text messages, view all multimedia files.

On the Spot

Knowing where your family members are at any given moment is priceless for ensuring their safety. Track your kids’ current GPS location, routes history, set secure and restricted areas.

Easy to Use

SpyApps is easy to install and set up in just a few minutes. Then, it makes your life easier and serene by granting you the invaluable feeling of knowing that your family is okay.

SpyApps – Comprehensive Monitoring Anywhere, Anytime

So, you want to have a better control of your kid’s activity or to have an opportunity to know where he or she is at this very moment. Well, there is a solution for you. The best option would be to install parental monitoring software on your kid’s smartphone. Such apps are reliable and safe. With it, you will have the information about the browsing history or GPS location of your child or any other person you care about. Say, SpyApps’ 24 outstanding monitoring features ensure all-round protection in any sphere of kids’ life. This is arguably the best thing concerned parents can do for their children.

More Features – Better Protection

Nowadays, if you want to track someone’s smartphone or tablet, you don’t need some sophisticated cell phone spy equipment. SpyApps is a one-stop, simple and effective solution for that. It helps you to set the highest level of parental control and track almost any iOS or Android device. This powerful tool will keep you aware of all the activities on your child’s device. You will easily get the full information about such things as messages, calls, calendar, browser, contacts, social networks, multimedia files, and even GPS location. Furthermore, SpyApps allows you to manage any application on the target smartphone/tablet or completely block the device. What’s more, you don’t need to worry about the legal rights of this application if you install it on the device that belongs to you or your underage kids. Also, it can be installed with the permission of the phone owner.

How to Spy on a Cell Phone

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to start working with our monitoring app.

Choose the Subscription Plan

SpyApps has two subscription plans available – Basic or Premium. The first one has somewhat narrowed functionality that covers major communication channels. Also, the number of calls and SMS that can be monitored is limited to 700 and 300 respectively. Premium has a much wider set of features, especially when it comes to tracking Internet messengers. Plus with Premium, you can opt to use jailbreak-free iCloud solution.

Get the Target Device

After your payment is confirmed, you will get the email with the instructions, telling you how to go through settings and add a new device that will be your target for cell phone spying. As we said before, it can be your underage kid’s phone or any other device that belongs to you. Remember that you should not disturb anyone’s privacy with the unethical use of monitoring apps.


It is required for you to have physical access to the target phone to install the app, but if it belongs to your kid, there should be no problems with that. Also, if you purchase full iOS subscription, you should jailbreak the iOS device. If the target device has Android OS, you should root it. As a matter of fact, rooting is optional, but this step will provide you with extended monitoring features. Do this before the installation. SpyApps installation itself is very easy and fast, just follow the instructions in the email you receive after the purchase.


Once the installation is finished, SpyApps turns the target device into an unfailing source of information. All the actions taken on the monitored smartphone or tablet are now available to be viewed on your control panel. If you have any difficulties with the installation or running the product, we urge you to contact SpyApps Support to deal with them.

Stay aware and protect your family with SpyApps


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