Top Deck Design Programs For Deck Builders

Brewer Built custom deck builder


Deck building is known as part of the architecture. You are not only making a new space or extension to your house but also giving your house a new look. Speaking of the new looks, designing a deck is also a part of creativity. Designing a deck is the main subject of any deck-building company. The design of the deck is what decides the size, amount of space needed, or how much materials needed for deck-building. For this, the Brewer Built custom deck builder always ensures customized designs for its clients.

It will be the better option if you can provide your preferred design to the builders or they can give you some sample designs. Another option is the combined design choices of both the builders and the client. The most recommended option is to finalize the deck design through apps or software.

Brewer Built custom deck builder

Recommended Software for Deck Designing:

The good thing about deck designing software is that it helps with brand, material and price selection for deck design and building. Many software has simulated tools so that you can virtually build the deck to get an idea of how it will work. Some of the recommended software for deck designing include:

  • Azek Deck Designer:

This software is one of the recommended and most popular deck-designing software and it is free software. Through this, you can easily design a 3D layout for the deck in your backyard. It includes more than 140 simulated products starting from decking, railings and lighting to accessories that are required to design and build a deck. You can even design and compare your present design with the new design through snapshots. The only problem is that IPad users can access this app and products which are listed in Apple Store Apps are only available.

  • Smart Draw Deck Designer:

Another best deck designer which is recommended by many satisfied customers. One thing which you need to keep in mind is that this software is a paid one. In this software, you can easily drag and drop deck building materials alongside planting and what’s more, you can add furniture as well. It is easy to add flowers, benches, and patio furniture so that you exactly know what you are going to include for the new deck.

  • Designing Software:

It has a similarity and differences with Azek’s design software. Similar to Azek it is free software and the difference is that you will find numerous products. The best thing about this software is that you can add stairs or other levels inside the home or patio. The software will provide you with a checklist based on the preference you give.


Having house building or designing software gives you the idea so that there is no misunderstanding or confusion regarding the pricing or the materials you need to make your home beautiful. It is recommended that you always prepare an outline for your home renovation to save time and money.

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