New Implant Technology, New Twist on Knee Replacement

New Implant Technology, New Twist on Knee Replacement

Knee injuries are common, especially for sportspeople. Still, some diseases, notably osteoarthritis, causes severe knee pain and loss of function. When the pain is progressive, and knee function is lost, mobility becomes impossible. Pain killers might help, but their effects are minimal.

The good news is, with technology advancements, you can relieve the pain. A cold therapy system reduces the pain, while knee replacement can restore function and eliminate pain in a severely damaged knee.

What’s more, is that you can get a customized knee replacement. Did you know that human knee differ? Each human has a unique knee structure, having exquisite variations. That is why a surgeon must choose the right size and shape of a replacement knee.

What is a Knee Replacement?

Also called knee arthroplasty, knee replacement is a method of replacing the damaged parts of a knee with artificial components. Usually, a surgeon cuts off defective parts – bones and cartilage from the kneecap, shinbone, and thigh bone, and replacing them with parts made of polymers, high-grade plastics, and allow metals.

This procedure relieves pain and inflammation and restores the full function of a previously impaired knee.

Need for Perfect Size and Shape of Replacement Parts

While knee replacement is the only way to restore knee function, it needs precision. Otherwise, it will result in poor alignment, which is the primary cause of life-long post-surgery pain.

There is a need to emphasize getting the right knee replacement parts. There are numerous sizes. Some may seem to be a near fit, but not a perfect fit. How would you feel if you wear a close fit pair of shoes? Just a little discomfort, maybe blisters, right? For a knee replacement, it is an entirely different story.

For example, if you fit a slightly larger prosthesis, it may result in an overhang. On the other hand, if it is somewhat smaller, it results in an underhung. This is an imperfect alignment, which results in residual pain and an unnatural feel.

Modern implant technology makes it possible to find a customized fit. Customized knee replacement implants replicate the size, shape as well as the contour of your natural bones. Your orthopedic surgeon will have to assess aspects of your knee, such as stability, strength, and range of motion.

Further, the doctor considers your weight, age, overall health, and level of activity. Ultimately, this gives you a natural feel and reduces the chances of occurrence of post-surgery pain.

Post-Surgery Effects

Knee replacement surgery is similar to other surgeries. It comes with some risks such as infections, blood clots, stroke, and nerve damage. In case of an infection, you’ll need another surgery to remove the affected parts and antibiotics to kill the infection causing agents.

To manage the pain, you can use a cold therapy machine. However, you need to buy the best ice therapy machine to get perfect compression and enough cold to reduce the pain.

Final Verdict

Knee replacement surgeries come with little post-surgery pain. With a cold therapy system, you can manage this pain. However, you need to get the right prostheses for the surgery to be successful.

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