Use of technology in the orthodontic practice


The use of technology in orthodontist practice is key to the success of orthodontic treatments. The best orthodontic software and equipment helps with faster and more accurate patient impressions. Others like CEREC CAD-CAM machines enable dentists to make crowns within a single visit.

Technological tools and the role they play in orthodontic care

iTero scanner

An iTero scanner is used for taking patients’ impressions. It is a digital scanning system, which uses lasers to scan the jaw and produce highly accurate images

iTero scanner uses the same technology as in digital cameras and smartphones. The device captures high-resolution images from your mouth. The images are then converted into virtual models of teeth on the computer screen for impression making. This provides more accurate data, which is beneficial for the overall treatment.



CEREC CAD-CAM treatment enables dentists to make crowns within a single visit. The technology is very useful in many ways for making better quality restorations with higher margins of safety and accuracy. It also uses minimal tooth preparation reducing chair time by up to 50% per restoration. The technology uses a high-speed computer and milling machine that produce excellent crowns, bridges, or orthodontic appliances.

Clear aligners

Instead of metal braces, orthodontics now uses clear aligners. These aligners are also known as removable, clear, or invisible braces. They work by wearing them over the teeth and gradually moving your teeth to their desired positions. Clear aligners can be used on adults and teenagers who want straighter teeth without compromising aesthetics.

Digital dental imaging

Digital dental imaging is a technology that helps in the early diagnosis of oral health problems. It provides high-resolution images with panoramic, cephalometric, and cross-sectional views for dentists.

It enables the dentist to make accurate diagnostic decisions. The result is improved treatment outcomes like reduced chair time. This patient management system also offers personalized digital treatment plans and patient education.

Benefits of technology in orthodontic Practice

Technology in an orthodontic practice is beneficial in various ways. They include :

Better treatment outcomes

Treatment with technology provides better outcomes for patients. For example, Clear aligners provide a faster and more efficient treatment compared to traditional braces.


Technology enables orthodontists to make better decisions which leads to an accurate diagnosis. It also offers digital images of the teeth for clear visualization. It speeds up the decision-making process in the case of emergency situations. Digital dental imaging is useful as it helps in the early diagnosis of oral problems that leads to improved treatment outcomes.

Personalized patient care

Technology helps deliver personalized patient care. For example, the iTero scanner uses lasers that scan the teeth and produce highly accurate images for impression making via a software application. This provides more accurate data, which is beneficial for the overall treatment plan.

Reduced chair time for patients

Technology reduces chair time for patients as it provides more accurate data. For example, Clear aligners enable the orthodontist to make crowns within a single visit which saves on both treatment and patient’s time.

Ease of use

It is easy to use technology in practice. For instance, the iTero scanner can be used by novice dentists who do not have any prior experience in using the device.

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