How to Spy on Text Messages

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Since when iPhones have been first released (in 2007), their popularity grows higher and higher each day. And so does the number of expensive Apple devices stolen.








It is well-known that text messages become a huge part of our life. It is more and more important to keep your personal messages safe because nowadays your correspondence and the social network pages can be even used as the evidence in court against you.

It was absolute nonsense just a few years ago, and now it is absolutely normal. When it comes about your family safeness – you have the right to monitor your own cell phones, or your kid’s one. But notice that your kid should be under age. Here you have few ways to control the messaging on your kids’ cell phones to protect them of possible, hidden dangerousness.

Spy text messages in an old-fashioned way


Some time ago to spy text messages or at least know anything about the messaging between two persons you should ask for permission directly or use some tricky ways to do that. Asking about the messages can be a real alternative to spying. But, you should note that throwing accusations on somebody without proofs is a risky case.  So, you can always talk to a person, if you want to know anything special and get some real spying at last resort.

If this is your child, you can always try to figure out his thoughts and problems without spying on text messages. Sometimes talking seriously is just enough. For someone the things like monitoring messages and calls are not quite ethical.  You can also try to set some limits for smartphone usage as the alternative method. It is absolutely normal for a good parent to control his/her underage kids. If you care for your children, it means you love them, and you are a responsible parent. You have your absolute right to control their activity with a smartphone and on the Internet. You can discuss any issues with your kids to help them in solving problems or to fight fears.

Spying on text messages with mobile spying applications

In case you have some serious doubts, and suspect your child on something illegal and cheating, you can always use modern ways for cell phone spying. It is very affordable and simply nowadays. Just get some reliable text spyware online and install it on your smartphone and the cell phone you want to be a target. Such method is the best one existing nowadays, and you can completely trust the results. There is a long list of different applications that will help you to know the entire message history of the target phone. And we want to recommend you probably one of the best.

It is called SpyApps Monitoring App and can be purchased right from the official website. The information about messages will be displaying on your monitor in real time or uploaded on your smartphone’s Control Panel.

Start Monitoring

The main tracking features of the SpyApps are:

  • GPS Location
  • SMS and MMS Tracking
  • Calls Tracking and Blocking
  • Browsers and Internet Activity History
  • Applications Monitoring

Besides messages, you will also have an opportunity to see the browser history, the history of downloads, monitor received calls, emails, and any type of messages. The data from all applications will be available for you too. It even shows you the geo location of a target smartphone. This is a very useful option to track your kid’s cell phone in case it was stolen or lost.

To track your kids or employees text messages, the SpyApps should be downloaded and installed on both cell phones, so you should have physical access to the target phone, unless you use the iCloud solution for iOS (see: How it works).

Your family is above all, no doubts! Protect your kids from online and offline dangers and ensure their safe and secure Internet surfing. You can easily track text messages and view all multimedia files with SpyApps.

Stay aware and protect your family with SpyApps


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