Mobile Phone Tracking Features

chrome-2-xxlApps and Browser:

Check entire web history, including bookmarks and search preferences



Monitor Viber, Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, Kik, Snapchat and more


calendar-3-xxlContacts and Calendar:

View daily planner, scheduled events, and full access to Contacts info



With SpyApps, you will always be able to know the exact location of your children and entire routes history



Get access to inbox and sent emails, as well as precise contact information



Monitor incoming and outgoing calls data – name, time, duration. Block undesired calls.



Monitor all incoming and outgoing SMS, even deleted ones.



Take advantage of the 24 helpful mobile monitoring solutions with Spyapps. Monitor, view and limit mobile activities remotely.

SMS Commands

SIM-change Notification


Remote Control Panel

Set geofences, get alerts

Block Device


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No jailbreak required Jailbreak is needed before the setup Rooting is necessary to use advanced features
iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Smartphones and tablets

In-Depth Look at Features

    Browser monitoring

With browser monitoring, you can block web pages that contain inappropriate content, review bookmarks and track all websites that were visited on the target device.


You will have the opportunity to follow different activities on the Instagram. You can monitor all uploaded videos and photos, as well as comments below them.


With Keylogger function, you have the unique opportunity to monitor browser incognito mode and track every tap of a finger on the screen of the target device. Thus, you can easily view the text typed in any application including entered logins and passwords.

    Videos and Photos

You will be able to follow all videos, photos, camera shots and files downloaded from the Internet.

  Instant messengers

Track all online conversations easily in: Facebook, Viber, Kik, Skype, WhatsApp, Snapchat and others


Track text and image messages, even deleted ones. View all the information about a sender. Also, limit the number of SMS sent every day and block messages by phrases, words and phone numbers effortlessly.


You can monitor all applications installed on the tracked device, prevent installation or block them. Also, set time limits to use apps or the entire device.

Contacts, Notes & Calendar

Follow Notes and Calendar to find out all important information about plans, intentions, logins, personal thoughts, passwords and things to do. Oversee contacts.


Indicate all restricted areas and safety zones. You can receive notifications when your tracked device leaves or enters designated areas.


You can view all contact information such as address, time and name. You can also monitor all sent and inbox emails, web subscriptions and registrations.

Call Logs

You can monitor all incoming and outgoing calls with accurate contact data including a phone number, name, and calls duration.

SMS commands

You can easily control your target device only by sending messages and manipulate it remotely, for instance, lock or wipe it without the online access.


Reliable GPS tracker monitors the target device’s location constantly and allows you to find lost or stolen tracked gadget. With GPS, you can also follow its current location and routes.

Stay aware and protect your family with SpyApps


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