BigCommerce Design Tips For Big Ecommerce Results


BigCommerce is an eCommerce platform that lets you start, run and scale an online store. With BigCommerce, small businesses can build beautiful websites. They can include product detail pages for their products and features.

BigCommerce helps any size business get started selling on the web. It provides the tools needed to manage your site’s content, inventory, and orders. It has a variety of features you can use to increase your store’s traffic. BigCommerce pricing Australia is affordable hence suitable for various eCommerce businesses. Here are some design tips that will help you sell more products with less effort on the platform:

Keep it simple

New customers tend to abandon an online shopping cart if they find navigating through too complicated, so keep things as simple as possible. BigCommerce templates are designed to make your store more accessible and easy for customers to browse through. Scannable pages make it easier for your customers to find the products they want as quickly as possible.

Choose a template that fits your brand.

Customers like shopping on sites with familiar, consistent, and attractive designs. You need to select a BigCommerce theme that closely matches your business’s branding strategy. If you’re just starting, then use standard themes. But if you’ve been selling for some time, then it’s worth investing in a customized template.

Quality content

You should create quality content that helps establish your business as an authority figure in the industry. You can use BigCommerce blogging to share tips, tricks, and other helpful information with customers. That way they develop trust for you over time which will help boost their confidence in you.

Powerful SEO tools

BigCommerce has a variety of powerful SEO tools. They can help your store maintain its ranking on search engines. You can use unique product titles, meta descriptions and URL slugs. These improve the indexability and visibility of products and pages. Thus, driving more traffic towards your site.

Attract more customers

You can use BigCommerce analytics tools. They will help to identify the key factors that influence your business’s performance. You need accurate data on customer demographics, interests, and product preferences. You can use the information to develop a marketing strategy to attract more visitors and sales over time. It is one of many design tips for harnessing the full potential of BigCommerce.

Integrate social media

You can incorporate a share button on each product detail page so people can easily spread the word about new products in their network of friends, family members, or followers. It will help you get more exposure and drive increased traffic to your website while increasing the likelihood of a sale.

Add high resolution images and videos

Customers like to see the actual products they’re interested in buying, and this is where high-quality images come into play. You can use BigCommerce slideshows with multiple product images that customers can easily browse through without having to click on each item, so you need a system that allows faster load times along with powerful SEO tools for indexing and ranking in search results.

Optimize for mobile devices

Your website should be accessible on any device. Therefore, choose a BigCommerce theme that is responsive and mobile-friendly. It will cater to the needs of customers who are constantly connected through their smartphones or tablets. You can also use features like site speed optimization, HTML sitemaps, XML sitemaps, and Google Analytics integration for robust data analysis.


The tips mentioned in this article will help you get excellent eCommerce results. You will be able to monitor your business performance and growth as it generates more sales and customers.

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