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Track images, safe and clear web surfing. Parental control for your kinds. Restrict access to 18+ content websites. View complete text messages

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Tracking current GPS location of your kids, and beloved relatives. History overview, screen images accessible Listen to the phone’s surroundings when open the microphone 24/7 with no time limits and restrictions.

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SpyApps makes your life easier and productive with no stress and uncertainty. It is easy to install and set up just in few minutes. Keep your eyes on and your mind clear with no bad thoughts and obscurity!

The Truth about Cell Phone Spy Software

So, you want to have a better control of your kid’s activity or to have an opportunity to know where he is at this very moment. Well, there is a solution for you. The best choice for would be to install some cell phone spy software on your and your kid’s smartphone. This app should be reliable and safe. You will have the information about the browser history or GPS location of your child or any other person you care about. Besides, you can see what is happening on the monitor of the targeted smartphone in real time. This is very useful and it is the best way to show your care.

Best cell phone spy equipment

If you want to track someone’s smartphone, there is one easy and simple solution. MonitorPhones will help you to set the highest level of parental control and track any tablets and phones you want. This is a powerful tool that will inform you about all the activities on your child’s device. You will easily know full information about such points as messages, calls, calendar, browser, contacts, social networks, media, and even GPS location. This cell phone spy is the perfect opportunity for you to control just any application you want. You can be calm about the legal rights of this application if you install it on your own or those smartphones that belong to your under full age kids. Also, this app can be installed with the permission of the phone owner.

Tips on how to spy on a cell phone

So, if you decided to get your personal MonitorPhones version, you should know few points that will help you to use it more effectively. There are no direct tips on how to spy on a cell phone, but we have few points that would be helpful for you. So, you should start with the website and then just follow this simple list.

  • Subscription Plan

Like any other paying applications this remote cell phone spy has its own subscription plans. There are two of them only. It is very simple to deal with. Just choose the basic or premium subscription and you are ready to work.

  • Get the Target

So, the application is on your device, and it is the time to go through settings and add some new device that will be your target for cell phone spying. As we said before, it can be your underage kid’s phone or any other cell phone that belongs to you. But you should not disturb anyone’s privacy.

  • Installation

It is required for you to have physical access to the target phone, but if it belongs to your kid, there would be no problems with that. Also, you should jailbreak your kid’s iOS device. Do this before the installation. If your kid has an Android smartphone, you should root it correctly. It is optional, but this step will provide you with some more extended features. The installation of our cell phone spy equipment goes very easily and fast. Just follow the instructions

  • Monitoring

So, when the installation is done your smartphone turned into powerful spy cell phone, and you can start monitoring. All the actions from the targeted device are now on your control panel. If you have any difficulties with the installation or exploitation of the product, you can always contact MonitorPhones reps to deal with any issues you have. 

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